An R package for the Statistical Analysis of Contingency Tables (SACT) book by Fagerland et. al.. More info on the book on its home page and in the Citation section of this document.


Stable version

The latest stable version of this package is available on CRAN and can be installed by running


from an R interactive session.

Development version

The development version of this package can be installed by running the following command in R:

remotes::install_github("ocbe-uio/contingencytables", ref="develop")

If the command above does not work, make sure you have the remotes package installed (e.g. by running install.packages("remotes") in R).


After installing, you must load the package by running library("contingencytables") in R. You can read more about the package and its functions by running library(help="contingencytables") or by consulting the SACT book.


To cite this package, install it and run citation("contingencytables"). The output should give you proper citation instructions in APA-like and BibTeX formats for the package version you have installed.

Proper citation of the SACT book can be found here.

Contributing and getting help

This software is open source and contributions are welcome! If you have any trouble installing or using the package, if you find a bug or would like to submit a suggestion, please let us know by opening a new issue here.


Stable version

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Development version

Project Status: Active - The project has reached a stable, usable state and is being actively developed. R build status CodeFactor