Here are some preparation information for the participants.


In this workshop we will be using R. You can either

  • have R and Rstudio installed on your laptop
  • or, use Posit cloud (formerly Rstudio Cloud).

Posit cloud is free of charge for personal users, yet you need to sign up for a new user account and have internet connection. Use this Posit cloud project:

Note: In the Posit cloud project, all required R code and data sets should already be available, and all required R packages are already installed. If you plan to use your own laptop and local RStudio setup, then you will need to download the data and R code and install

Required R packages

The R package we are using is glmnet. Otherwise, we use base R packages which are already installed by default. We will also need R package gclus for one of the tasks (not essential for running other parts of the lab). You can install the packages by running the following code:



The datasets we use can be found here.


The R scripts used in part 1 and part 2 can be found here.


Lecture notes link

Lab notes link

Aure 2015 Paper link