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TruncExpFam is an R package to handle truncated members from the exponential family.


This package offers truncated counterparts of the density-, distribution-, quantile- and sampling-functions for a broad range of distributions from the exponential family, as implemented in the stats package.

The package also provides functions for estimating the parameters of the distributions from data, given the truncation limits.

For more info, please check rtrunc(), dtrunc() and print.trunc(). Counterparts for density and probability functions are on the roadmap for a future release.


Found a bug? Want to suggest a feature? Contribute to the scientific and open source communities by opening an issue on our home page. Check the "BugReports" field on packageDescription("TruncExpFam") for the URL.

Supported distributions

  • Beta

  • Binomial

  • Chi-Square

  • Continuous Bernoulli

  • Exponential

  • Gamma

  • Inverse Gamma

  • Inverse Gaussian

  • Log-normal

  • Negative Binomial

  • Normal

  • Poisson


Maintainer: Waldir Leoncio