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This is an R package to handle truncated members from the exponential family.


Stable version

TruncExpFam is available on CRAN and can be installed by running the following in an interactive R session:


Development version

The development version of the package contains features and bug fixes that are yet to be published. It is, however, much less stable than the CRAN version. You can install the development version of TruncExpFam by running the following command in R (requires the remotes package to be installed beforehand):


If you want to browse the vignette, add build_vignettes = TRUE to your install_github() command.

Further details on installing TruncExpFam can be found on the Wiki.


Once installed, TruncExpFam can be loaded with library(TruncExpFam). A list of available functions can be printed with ls("package:TruncExpFam").

For more information about the package (e.g. suppored distributions), run ?TruncExpFam after loading the package in your R session.

Are you familiar with the stats package and its r* and d* functions such as rnorm() and dpois()? If so, you will feel right at home with TruncExpFam, which uses the rtrunc() function to generate random numbers and the dtrunc() function to generate probability densities.

For a more detailed explanation on how to use this package’s features, check out its vignette:



TruncExpFam is open-source software licensed by the GPL. All contributions are welcome! Please use the issues page to submit any bugs you find or see what other issues have been submitted.

To contribute with code, we recommend reading this Wiki page on the subject.


If you present work that uses this package, please remember to cite it. To cite TruncExpFam in publications, use the output of citation("TruncExpFam") on your R session.


Stable version

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Development version

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